Supreme Bogo- Marketing Ideas

The holiday season marks a great time to express gratitude to your customers for supporting your business. But at the same time, customers are too occupied to take notice of your appreciation of them. So then, how do you help them slow down a little and observe your thoughtfulness towards them? Check out these creative Thanksgiving marketing ideas to give thanks while increasing the sales of your small business this holiday season.

-Give gifts to your customers

While Thanksgiving and Black Friday discount deals are a sure shot way to win your customers’ hearts, it is even better to give gifts to your loyal customers as a token of thanks on this special day. According to research, gifts are appreciated more by customers than discounts, so you can market your brand well by giving Thanksgiving presents to your customers whether you have an online or a brick and mortar store. By appreciating this gesture from your business, your patrons will speed up your holiday sales through word of mouth.

-Organize an after-hours shopping event

The holiday season could get too busy for many small businesses. Meeting the needs of all customers during the regular business hours may not be possible. Therefore, to help your customers shop all they want, extend your timings one night and host a special after-hours shopping event with a few other businesses in your neighborhood. You can give great discounts, and deals like BOGO offer or up to 50% off discount deals. Turn the Thanksgiving shopping fever on by decorating the venue with photo booths, lots of lights, and give free snacks, goodies, and drinks. Your customers will love you, and your sales will go up in one fell swoop. Click here Supreme Bogo for more details.

-Send personalized thank you notes

If you want to leave a profound impact on your customers, then this Thanksgiving you can send them a thank you message either by e-mail or direct mail. Create content that resonates the festive feel and the fact that you value your customers and make them feel special. Not just your existing customers, but you can send personalized thank you notes to those customers who are not your patrons anymore. You can find plenty of thank you message templates online that you can customize and send to your clients to let them know that you appreciate their association. Don’t forget to include a special offer so that they can shop more from your store.

Add thanksgiving spirit to your social media

Don’t forget to give special attention to your social media accounts when it comes to Thanksgiving. Create a fun Thanksgiving video or image and share it with your followers on the Thanksgiving Day, or just run a special contest during the Thanksgiving weekend to grab the attention of your target audience.

Get in the festive mood

Give your business storefront a unique Thanksgiving look and feel. Put holiday-themed banners and buntings in your store, play Thanksgiving songs and tell every customer that comes to your business establishment that they are a blessing for your business. Get in the festive mood and create an overall happy space where people would love to be in, during the most wonderful time of the year.

These small business marketing ideas for Thanksgiving will help you form a somewhat emotional bond with your customers and make way for a long and joyful association.